Q1. There are so many consulting clubs on campus. What distinguishes HCG from the rest?

Our mission is to create a learning environment for both professional and personal development. We welcome students at all levels. If you are an experienced consultant, we have amazing consulting projects waiting for you! If you have little or no previous consulting experience, join us for our training program!

Our comprehensive training curriculum is designed to help you gain all the essential consulting skills that you will need. This semester-long program consists of weekly training sessions led by our Vice President of Training, who served as an excellent consultant and project leader in the past semesters. In the end, you will have the opportunity to work on real-life projects as an analyst, gain insights on how consulting projects work by attending meetings with our clients along with the consulting teams, receive career guidance from our advisors and alumni, and more!

Q2. Who is HCG looking for?

HCG was founded with the strong belief that skills developed in consulting, such as critical thinking and effective communication, can be applied to all kinds of careers. Consulting requires its practitioners to approach problems structurally and logically. We are not looking for people with the strongest business knowledge. Instead, we want people who exhibit leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, and most importantly, a burning desire to learn. If those are skills that you value and would like to develop, then HCG might be a good fit for you and we would love to have you on board!

Q3. What type of companies does HCG work with?

We work with healthcare startups. Our clients include both international and domestic startups in the healthcare and biotech industries. We believe that it is an incredible learning experience to work closely with company executives as our work can create more value and have a larger impact on these companies.

Q4. How is HCG structured?

We consist of an executive team, two or more project teams, and an analyst training team.

Q5. If I joined as an analyst, can I become a consultant in the future?

Yes! We want to help you gain as much experience as possible, so you will definitely have the opportunity to become selected as a consultant after you complete the training curriculum.

Q6. Do I have to be in a Biology- or Business-related major in order to join?

No. Our members came from different backgrounds, including Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, and Political Science. We are looking for people who are eager to learn and contribute!

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