Client Testimonials

“HCG worked with us to develop a pricing strategy, and I’m amazed by the productivity of the team and the results they produced. With little guidance required from me, the team quickly grasped the complicated dynamics of the BPH treatment landscape. They leveraged their understanding to produce surprisingly high-quality insights that I wouldn’t expect to see from market outsiders. Their findings were clearly presented and actionable. HCG’s work helped my company to expand the scope of our market opportunities and prioritize the different stages of our global rollout plan.”

Co-Founder & CEO

“In Hedia we worked together with UC Berkeley healthcare group. UC Berkeley healthcare group was strategic consultants with the aim to help us scope the route to the USA, the reimbursement strategy and the Go to market strategy. The finding the group presented was in quality higher that expected and seen before. And at the same time, the interest and understanding of a complex and innovative niche like digital health – was outstanding.”


“The insights delivered by the Healthcare Consulting team were extremely detailed and powerful to help us understand how to better execute our business in the US market. In a short span of 12 weeks, they talked to industry professionals and developed insightful analyses from reimbursement to customer acquisition strategy. The expertise that HCG brings is incredibly useful and will be a huge value add to healthcare startups working on breaking into new markets.”


Client Inquiries

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Fall 2022 Clients

Nvidia Corporation

NVIDIA accelerates development and deployment of AI, High Performance Computing (HPC), and simulation applications for more than 1,800 healthcare and life science (HCLS) AI startups in NVIDIA Inception, a global program designed to nurture more than 10,000 cutting-edge startups.




Felix Biotech

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing global threat endangering healthcare systems and economic prosperity if unchecked. Felix Biotechnology is a Jennifer Doudna-advised startup that engineers the genomes of phages to target anti-microbial resistant bacteria, with a mission to create generalized, broadly applicable phage therapies - treatments that could be shipped around the world and administered as easily as a pill. Their engineered phage technology was developed to either kill bacteria or to evolutionarily pressure the bacteria to lose antibiotic resistance.

HOPO Therapeutics

HOPO Therapeutics develops the best-in-class pharmaceuticals for the treatment of heavy metal contamination. They are developing formulations of their flagship active pharmaceutical ingredient, 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO), for the treatment of lead poisoning, as well as exposure to other toxic environmental contaminants like cadmium and gadolinium deposited in the body after exposure to MRI contrast agents, and protection from radioactive elements like plutonium and americium in a nuclear disaster.